Master Alain Cohen

Alain Cohen is qualified and certified as Krav Maga Master, Krav Maga Coach and Krav Maga Expert graduate from the Wingate Institute the Israel national sport center.Alain Cohen is the co-founder of the official Israeli Krav Maga program of the Wingate Institute.

Official Member of the Israeli krav maga commission of the Israeli National Sport Center – The Wingate Institute (2013-2017).
Official Martial Arts Fitness Instructor authorized by Israeli sport ministry the Wingate Institute.

Official Israeli Krav Maga Instructor authorized by Israeli sport ministry Wingate Institute.

Official Israeli Ministry of Defense Supplier.
Krav Maga Black Belt dan 5th certified by Master Raphy ELGRISSY first Imi Lichtenfeld student’s.

Head System of KMF-AC.

Counter-terrorism instructor

Close Protection Instructor

Air marshal Instructor for team unit and crews